The Work of Integrated Producer Jake Guttormsson The Work of Integrated Producer Jake Guttormsson

The Saline Project


110 Stories

TLC (2002)

An amazingly cathartic experience, the Saline Project got the chance to work with images from the 9/11 Photo Project for a Documentary on the 1st anniversary of the Terrorist Attacks.

Mortal Enemies

Discovery (2002)

The Saline Project was only 2 years old when we got asked to work on “Mortal Enemies,” a documentary for the Discovery Channel.  It told the intertwining personal histories of Ariel Sharon and Yasir Arafat and their involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We had total access to the New York Times Photo Archive. Because of our efforts, I and the rest of the Saline Project team won Emmy awards for “Best Motion Graphics in News or Documentary Programming.”

Mr. Bighands

Mtv2 (2007)

From our work on Project K, Mtv2 hired us in 2007 to create a series id spots. We created a pair of hilarious shorts about a man with giant hands on his first day as an office temp, and the disastrous results. I played the part of Mr. Bighands, as well as composited the backgrounds and the “giant hand” effects. My brother Andy, an amazing 3d artist and Technical Director, plays nearly every non speaking extra in the background.

Dragon Fire

Dunkin Donuts (2002)

In 2007, we made a commercial for Dunkin Donuts featuring a dragon, our first major 3d animation project. I led a team of 3 Maya artists to create the dragon. In just 2 weeks, we were able to finish the :30 spot featuring this fully articulated dragon with wings who cooked tater tots with dragon fire.

Music Videos

Calling You

Blue October (2003)

We looted NASA’s photo galleries pulling together interiors from the Shuttle, the International Space Station, and the Apollo spacecrafts, to create the interiors of Blue October’s rocket ship.

Sick and Tired

The Nappy Roots (2003)

The backgrounds are a drawn from a mixture of locations from Bowling Green, Kentucky, hometown of the Nappy Roots, and the DUMBO area of Brooklyn, NY where our office was located.


The Mars Volta (2004)

The Saline Project traveled to Cuba, to shoot scenic plates, interiors, and textures for The Mars Volta’s “Televators”. The crumbling opulence of Havana and the strange plateaus and jungles of the countryside were perfect for our grim tale of allegorical self destruction.

Somewhere Only We Know

Keane (2004)

We almost got arrested by Homeland security photographing back plates for this around Secaucus, NJ. Little would we know, this video would play on VH1 almost every morning for 2 years!

Don’t Say Nuthin’

The Roots (2004)

?uestlove, on the release of this video, said on The Roots’ website that “The Saline Project rolls like the Wu-Tang Clan”. I think that it’s maybe the best compliment we ever received.

Two Timing Touch…

The Hives (2004)

We made a rip roaring Busby-Berkeley-Influenced video for The Hives’ “Two Timing Touch and Broken Bones”. We shot multiple performance plates of each band member and composited a legion of tuxedoed Hives performing their hearts out.

Alt. End

The Cure (2004)

It was teenage Jake’s dream come true to work with Robert Smith on not just one, but two videos for The Cure. We shot both videos back to back and worked the post production on the two, and The Hives video, over the course of 5 months.

Fly Trapped in a Jar

Modest Mouse (2007)

We spent a very long time on this video, but Modest Mouse hated it. A year later, we posted it quietly on our site, but then it ended up on Pitchfork the next day. Then Modest Mouse REALLY hated it, like “Cease and Desist” hated it.

Like Toy Soldiers

Eminem (2005)

In a terrible twist, Eminem’s friend, whose fictional murder is portrayed in this video, was shot and killed in real life.

Hate It or Love It

The Game / 50 Cent (2005)

During the green screen shoot, the Game and 50 Cent were best buds. By the time we finished post, they were bitter rivals.

Don’t Lie

Black Eyed Peas (2005)

The Black Eyed Peas were maybe the biggest pop group in the world when we made this video. I’m still not sure how we won this job. The source photos for the Matte Paintings and 3d Environments were shot in Rio de Janeiro.

Put ‘Em in their Place

Mobb Deep (2006)

50 Cent signed these legendary New York underground rappers to their major label debut. This was such a fun project to work on.

Animatics and Tests


McDonalds (2003)

This animation test got us a 2-spot deal with McDonald’s to kick off their annual Monopoly Contest in 2003. I never collected the completed spots, but I CHERISH the test spot we did.

Always with You

Scana (2006)

We didn’t get the job!

This was an animation test for a pitch to a Utility Company, to show no matter if you’re at work or at home, our electricity and gas is there for you. and they wanted a counting sheep gag in there somewhere.

Poor Baby Chick!

Hershey’s (2006)

We didn’t get the job!

This animatic was for a candy company. They wanted us to rip off this artist that does a lot of photo work with little Easter chicks, and usually bad things happen to them. I did this faux stop motion animation in a day. I just think if we got the jobs, we wouldn’t have ended up making anything so silly and fun.

Roll Over DJ

Jet (2005)

We didn’t get the job!

A test for a music video which turned the Aussie band Jet into Kaiju-sized Monsters of Rock laying musical waste to a city who won’t make their DJ stop playing.

Project K

In 2006, the Saline Project was entrusted to restore several films created by the mysterious and defunct studio known as Project K. This surreal collection of misfits was financially backed by a crazed, castor oil tycoon. Active from 1912 until the studio burned down in 1968, when all of Project K’s films were lost, surviving only on the occasional degraded VHS tape. Then a small trove of 16mm prints was discovered in a storage space in 2005. What you see here represents our best of efforts to restore the films to their original glory.

The Amazing Zorpan

Watch The Amazing Zorpan, magician, escape artist, extreme stunt genius as he unveils his latest death defying fete. Born in Budapest around the dawn of the 20th century, Zorpan studied the esoteric teachings of the most obscure mystics of the ancient world. His translations and interpretations of the work of Adolphinius the Bombastic are sublime. His fearless resilience is a testament to power of knowledge, fortitude, and a healthy diet.

A Day at the Shore

Obscure Writer-Director-Actor Chet Fink takes out his aggression (yet again) on frequent collaborator, Nathan Fairchild – who was an obscure Writer-Director-Actor in his own right. Of the 47 short films Fink made abusing Fairchild in the most callous manner possible, this film stands out as one of the most pointless. One critic wrote, “This might be the longest, most drawn out testicle whacking gag ever created, by anyone, in the history of moving pictures.”

An Evil Opera

Chet Fink stays behind the camera on this one (Thank God – those teeth – am I right?) in a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. A drunken angel shows a man the dangers of loving too much. Or is it about our powerlessness to avoid our fate, no matter how much we do to try to live life as fully as possible? What I do know is the actor playing this doomed prince, Geoffrey Arend, ended up marrying Christina Hendricks. Damn! Am I right, fellas? Hubba, Hubba.

A Tale of the Sea

Chet Fink’s tour-de-force features the first appearance of matinee film star Douglas Falcon, as well as frequent whipping boy, Nathan Fairchild. Falcon replaced the original Captain, played by aged thespian Crispin Eeksweather, who died of typhoid fever mid-production. The Sea Monster was actually a surgically altered moray eel that died one week into production. It was skinned, stuffed, and turned into a puppet for the remainder of the 12 week shoot.

Closer to Me

One of Nathan Fairchild’s stranger short films, “Closer to Me” left the public baffled at the time of its release. Fairchild denied any camera trickery or makeup effects were used during the production. His grotesque facial distortions were a demonstration of his extraordinary acting abilities. The single crew member that assisted Fairchild during the shoot was the only witness to his performance. He died under suspicious circumstances the day after filming.

The Mind Reader

The only Fink/Fairchild match ups that didn’t include some form of physical or psychological abuse, this was their last collaborations before their falling out. They never worked or even spoke again for the remainder of their lives. Nathan Fairchild transitioned into a career in advertising. After the Project K studios burned to the ground, Chet Fink became more and more of a recluse. He died in Obscurity,  a small suburb outside of Minneapolis.

An Ode to Joy

This animated short debuted in 1928 at a unnamed theater in Deershank, Wisconsin. It was slated to play betwixt a newsreel about “those kookie flapper dames” and the latest Charlie Chaplin feature “The Circus.” The crowd was so worked up by the novel use of cartoon violence in Fairchild’s Magnum Opus that they went completely ape shit. Thirty-two people were trampled to death in the ensuing chaos. You can read more about it here.

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