The Work of Integrated Producer Jake Guttormsson The Work of Integrated Producer Jake Guttormsson

“Invent-Off” Season 2

Two teams, Three days, Fighting to Save a Life.

In the second season, we challenged our teams to save a life using the Internet of Things. The campaign was executed over Qualcomm’s social media channels, as well as a media hub we created on

We hired Andrew Fried, the Executive Producer of Netflix’s “Chef’s Table” to bring our second season to life. We also hired Team Captains to help us tell the story from the inside, and to lead their teams through the grueling build. The Blue Team was led by Ian Ingram, a roboticist, artist, and professor.  The Orange Team was led my Mike Sinese, the Editor in Chief of Make Magazine.

The results for Qualcomm were astonishing. In the second season, we racked up over 27M Total Video Views, with a Video Completion Rate of 89%. Qualcomm also saw a 29 point lift in Brand Favorability and a 22 point lift in Key Brand Associations – exceeding other Qualcomm initiatives by 63%! Overall, we saw 14M social Engagements, and drove 29,000 page views of Qualcomm web properties.

Episode 1
The Tortoise & The Hare

Episode 2
The Crucible

Episode 3
The Light at the End of The Tunnel

Episode 4
The Last Few Miles

Episode 5
The Magic Number is One

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