The Work of Integrated Producer Jake Guttormsson The Work of Integrated Producer Jake Guttormsson

“Invent-Off” Season 1

Two teams, Five days, and the chance to invent something that can change the world.

“Each team, made up of an engineer, an artist, an engineering student and a high school student is challenged to invent something that solves a problem. They must use the Qualcomm wireless connectivity technology that’s integrated in the Arduino Yún and a Qualcomm Snapdragon powered device like a tablet, smartphone or smart watch. After 5 days their inventions will be reviewed by a panel of judges to declare a winner.”

For Season 1, we achieved 18+ million impressions over multiple networks, and 9+ million video views. Qualcomm was so impressed that they asked us to make a second season.

This was one of the best projects I’ve ever worked on. It was a huge challenge, bigger than anything I had done since becoming an agency producer. 3 people dropped out within the week before shooting, I landed the last cast member the Friday before we shot the first episode. One client said it was the easiest post production experience she ever had.

Episode 1
The Tech

Episode 2
The Team

Episode 3
The Ideas

Episode 4
The Twist

Episode 5
The Test

Episode 6
The Result

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