The Work of Integrated Producer Jake Guttormsson The Work of Integrated Producer Jake Guttormsson

“Camo Drop”

We dropped beer out of a C-130

ABI came to VaynerMedia and asked them to drop a crate of Budweiser out of a C-130. VM came up with some amazing creative to give the idea heart, and the strategy to get the message out to consumers about Budweiser’s continuing mission to honor, support, and employ America’s Veterans.

I worked with military consultant Perfecto Sanchez to source the C-130 crew, the parachute cargo drop team, and an airfield in the Arizona desert to pull of this stunt. I also ran communications and logistics between VaynerMedia and our L.A. based production team headed up by EP Matt Caltabiano, and director Renan Ozturk of Camp4 Collective to bring this amazing concept to life. We even had a chase helicopter and 4 man skydiving team to help shoot our aerial coverage of this event.

We got over 16 million views on Facebook, and raised $1 million for Folds of Honor, an organization that give scholarships to family members of fallen and disabled veterans.

Camo Drop

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